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Au Revoir Rennes, Bonjour Harvard!

May 31, 2016


Chloe Belle Hooton first picked up a golf club when she was just two-years-old. 17 years later, she found herself studying abroad at SYA France and continuing her passion for golf in Rennes.

Several months ago we interviewed Chloe Belle Hooton, from San Diego, CA, to discuss how she continued her very successful golfing career while abroad at SYA France. When asked where she saw herself in the future of the sport she said, “I intend on playing Division 1 golf in college.” We were pleased to hear that as she’s saying goodbye to SYA she’s saying hello to Harvard University in Boston, MA where she’ll be a part of the women’s Division 1 golf team. 

“I am really excited to be part of such an incredible and welcoming community. It’s such a diverse school with amazing programs and people, and the golf team will be such a great experience,” Chloe Belle said about her future at Harvard. “It’s been the best part of my sister’s four years at Harvard, I’m excited to be part of such a wonderful program.” However, she admits she’s is a little nervous about the workload!

SYA was able to place Chloe Belle with a host family who was also passionate about golf and France Resident Director, Denis Brochu, helped adjust her schedule so that she has a manageable workload that accommodated her golf training. “Denis helped me immensely with my organizational skills and was always there to offer advice. He was incredibly helpful in all of my French classes and has helped me to work on my golf game while abroad.”

While abroad, Chloe Belle has learned to adapt quickly to new situations and new surroundings,which is an essential part of immersing yourself into college life, especially at a school as diverse as Harvard. “Rennes is very different from San Diego and SYA is very different from my high school; this program has taught me how to adapt and live in a completely different environment.”

Studying abroad in high school helps you in several ways when it comes to applying to college. As an organization, we frequently seek advice from college counselors to discuss the college transition and how studying abroad can assist students with their college application process.Chloe_Belle_-_Updated_Feature_Photo-152713-edited.jpg

Most recently, we spoke with Rod Skinner, the Director of College Counseling at Milton Academy who said, "In fact, being away for that year is a very powerful and compelling addition to whatever it is the student is presenting to a college. It says that they're willing to take a risk and leave all that comfort to try their hand at a new experience," (Hear more from Rod here.

The SYA France ’16 alum agrees that studying abroad has definitely opened her eyes to more elements of the world which has helped her realize what she wants in life. “SYA played a major factor in my acceptance to Harvard and it has given me another year to grow and prepare for my future,” said Chloe Belle.

Aside from golfing at Harvard, she hopes to go into Finance and get her MBA. “At Harvard they don’t have pre-professional concentrations (Harvard’s word for majors) but they have a Quantitative Finance Track in Statistics concentration which I’d love to check out,” she said.

Congratulations, Chloe Belle! We look forward to seeing what you accomplish in your future as an SYA Alumni. Read Chloe Belle’s feature, which highlights her golfing career in San Diego and in Rennes, France here.


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