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Mid-Autumn Festival in China 

The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known at the Moon Festival falls on September 15 this year.

This is typically celebrated on the fifteenth day of

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Transitions and Goodbyes - A blog by Charlotte M.

Wow, so the stakes are high for this blog post. I have to come up with some deep reflections about my SYA experience, what has made it life-changing and

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Mr. Brochu, The Friendliest Face at SYA France - A blog by Cole Billik

“Ca va, toi?”, I hear greeting me as I walk through the double doors into Villa Alvarez. Mr. Denis Brochu somehow maintains his nonchalant finesse through

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Au Revoir Rennes, Bonjour Harvard!

Chloe Belle Hooton first picked up a golf club when she was just two-years-old. 17 years later, she found herself studying abroad at SYA France and

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Exploring China: SYA Visits Yunnan Province

One of the most memorable travel experiences at SYA China is the two-week trip to Yunnan province, held each spring, which is located in the extreme

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Friends come and go, but family always stays with you - Blog by Karen Ahn


Karen Ahn comes to SYA from The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut. She is currently a junior and a Campus Reporter at SYA Italy. 

It’s hard to imagine

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Spring has Sprung in Beijing! - Photos by Jennifer Lu

Jennifer Lu is part of the SYA China Class of 2016. She comes to SYA from Polytechnic School in California and has provided us with great photos over the

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Grasping the Memories from a School Year Abroad - Blog by Danielle Kaye

Danielle Kaye comes to SYA from Harvard-Westlake School in North Hollywood, CA. She is currently a junior and a Campus Reporter at SYA France.

As our bus

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Blue Skies and España Architecture - Photos by Katie Bauer

Parque Guell, Barcelona 

Students and teachers in front of the Gaudi facade of                          La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona La Sagrada Familia,

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An End, a Thank You, and a Beginning - A blog by Erin Slichter

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. A flurry of final papers, tests, and projects greeted us as the finishing markers to the school year. The

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